Its in the cards

I am beginning to restock my household products with greener varieties. Today I purchased a store brand of hair dye that has 60% less ammonia. It is not the best and still uses chemicals like Peroxide, but it is better than what I was using. Once I find a brand that is better, then I will switch again. I purchased a Clorox Green Works dish detergent, which looks good, boasts that it is 97% natural and the ingredients do look okay. I think that is good enough. I ordered recommended supplements for the Protocol. I ordered Coenzyme Q, L-methylfolate, and desiccated liver pills. I have spent the better part of two weeks researching the best sources for quality supplements at the best prices, along with learning what they are and what they do (still working on that one). I finally settled on a place online and I ordered those three above. I got an email that my purchase shipped, but that the liver pills were back ordered and they are refunding me my money for those, which means that they won’t have them anytime soon and I am back to seeking another source for them. These pills are taken instead of eating organ meat if you just can’t stand the thought of consuming them and I can’t.

Its a hell of a process. I etch at the mountain a little at a time. A cherished friend explained once, “If I drop a deck of cards on the floor, I will be confronted with a mess. I will have 52 cards spread across the floor. I can complain about them, I can stomp my feet over it or I can cry, none of which will pick a single card up until I get on my knees and I pick the cards up one at a time. Eventually, I will have 52 cards in my hand.” I love that analogy, for one thing, I well understand the literal action of cleaning up messes like that. I work with tiny glass seed beads (so called because they are the size of seeds) and I’ve learned to become patient picking them up as I drop beads almost every time I make jewelry. On a more abstract plane, the analogy speaks the obvious, clean up the messes, build one brick at a time, stay the course, Everest climbers reach the top one step at a time. This mountain I am on is a little complicated, but no more than the 52 cards above. Eventually, I will crest the top and I will have 52 cards in my hand. Its inevitable, if I stick with it.

Bon Sante


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