“When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun.”

In the 1920’s there was an epidemic called Pellagra occurring in the Southern States as described in the New York Times article below:

In the United States, pellagra continued to be a huge problem through the mid-20th            century. From 1906 to 1940, about three million people contracted it and 100,000 of            them died. Most were in the South. ”Until the 1930’s,” Professor Kraut said, ”no one            knew what caused it.” – Excerpt from article below:


Food is powerful, without it we die off, we starve. In the last 100 years, we’ve changed and modified our foods with additives, chemicals, dyes, fillers, hormones and GMO’s. The reasons this happened are varied, but mainly rooted in two very different sides of a coin. Very honorable desires to cure the world of hunger, and the other, very dishonorable reasons for a greater profit margin. On top of that, many these days are eating very unbalanced diets that consist of too much cheese, bread and sugars and barely any vegetables and fruits, myself included before I started Wahls. No wonder were all getting sick. Why is it such a surprise that the root to the problem could be and probably is our habits of eating and what’s in our food.

Pure foods are expensive and time consuming. We’ve become a world that zaps, drives thru and phone orders the cheapest, quickest and easiest food. It is hard to turn a cultural moray around. I took a history class in college, the book for which had a quote under the first titled chapter that stated, “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun.” Its true too, try to change a person’s culture, even if its killing them, they get angry. As did I. CEO’s for Marlboro, didn’t smoke the cigarettes they were selling, I think its a good bet that the CEO’s of mega conglomerations for food, don’t eat it. Their eating pure foods that cost $$$$.

At the gym yesterday, a lovely man asked me what I did to my leg. I told him I had MS. He proudly showed me his t-shirt he was wearing. It was a MS Society fundraising shirt for research about his participation in the walk. I was grateful and expressed my gratitude. Our conversation progressed to research. He wanted to talk about new drugs being developed. I told him what I had learned about diet, which got the conversation impassioned fast. I explained how diet is being researched around the world, but not here in North America, except by independent studies. He seemed hurt. To him, I think he may have felt that I was implying that all the work he’d done to raise funds for drug research was pointless, which I assured him it was not, because it has always raised public awareness of MS and helped to get assistance programs in place for those on disability. His friend though, was very interested in the diet idea.

Well, a seed here, a seed there. We hope it will germinate and grow. In the mean time, I’m going to my symptoms page to document the incredible gains I’ve had in the last four weeks. But, you know, its probably all in my head, or wishful thinking, or it would’ve happened anyway or worse, I made it all up. My friends and family know the truth.

Keep an open mind to the possibilities.

Bon Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-in-gray-suit-jacket-holding-yellow-banana-fruit-while-making-face-37547/

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