Chill Day

This was a relax, regroup and get stuff done day. None of which included housework. Oh, that’s not true, I did do my laundry first thing this morning. My daughter is having her Prom in three weeks. I make jewelry and have finished a bracelet and earrings for her before today. Today I worked on a wired piece for her hair, only stopping to make phone calls or cook meals. I define jewelry making as meditation. Its been something that has always had the power to truly focus my attention and block everything else out. Practicing meditation is important on the Wahls Protocol. Stress is a big contributor to MS attacks and offsets general well being. I can choose to focus my mind on anything I want. If I want to focus it on negativity, its all I’ll see. If I want it to focus on the beauty and positive side of this world, that’s all I’ll see. I choose the latter. Past times like art, swimming, quiet self affirming times like smudging in the morning and at night and focusing on healing and my Higher Power all contribute to the success of choosing to focus on the positive. The success of which depends on the practice of living in the moment. Because its only in the moment that I can truly be grateful for what I have. The minute I start obsessing about tomorrow and ruing yesterday, the moment and anything it had to offer is lost. It essentially becomes what I will rue tomorrow if that is my habit! I no longer have bad days, I have bad moments.

I had one of those last evening. I was ordering Vitamin D3 drops online from a company website I wasn’t familiar with and had quite a time getting the order through, then used a now defunct bank account with PayPal by mistake. I had to wait till today to straighten that out. When that was happening (in the moment) and for a half hour after, I was having a bad moment. The half hour after, I called a friend and I vented about it. Then I got over it. The next moment after that, I watched a funny movie and then went to bed, relatively happy. There was a day in my past, when a moment like that would’ve ruined what was left of my day.

I’m having a hard time writing this blog tonight because my left eye is burning from close up beadwork. It felt good to work jewelry today. No beadwork in the past two months with all the attention required to get this Protocol incorporated into my life, except for my daughter’s pieces. Pleasant day. My eye says stop, I’m stopping.


Bon Sante


Picture from Pexels:


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