“What’s with wheat?”

I watched this on Netflix today. Very interesting, Dr. Wahls is one of the many people presenting. This documentary gets into the history of wheat, what it was then, compared to what it is now. Starting with the very beginning of humans using wheat on through its transformations, most especially in the last 100 years. I learned a lot watching this. It is not super long and very informative and thought provoking. Well done film.

Went to the gym and today, I feel great. I have a general sense of well being. One of the biggest challenges one faces with change of this magnitude is letting go of the familiar and embracing the unusual, straying from the pack so to speak requires contact with people working to stay on this path as well. I read the boards on Dr. Wahls Facebook group daily and any chance I have, I take in information like the documentary above to reaffirm my resolve. I stopped after 3 months when I had tried this over two years ago even though I felt incredible, I quit. One of the reasons was I just didn’t know how to cook this way. This time around to combat that, I invested in all the cook books I have listed on the research page. This give’s me a better fighting chance if I have variety. I find the foods I am eating are better than the crap I was raised to eat. I had dinner with my son tonight, a pleasant surprise. I made us roasted “clean” chicken thighs (no hormones, no antibiotics, free range, local) with Dijon mustard, maple syrup and Tarragon.  With the main dish I served pureed blue potatoes and carrots with coconut milk, Ghee (clarified butter) and Himalayan salt and ground pepper corn along with a salad of greens, strawberries, walnuts, avocado and balsamic. All organic.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the mall to exchange an outfit I bought for my daughter’s graduation on June 22nd that I just bought on Mother’s Day, May 14th. I tried the outfit on at a friends house who helped me accessorize and we found its now too big. The pants are a size 14 and the shirt a size XL. So, I’m downsizing to a size L shirt and size 12 pants. The best part is that I’m not dieting. This is a very filling, high fat diet. That I am encouraged to “eat to satiety” on. I am broke, that’s tough, but I like what an old friend was fond of saying, “I have all the money I need provided I die at 12 midnight tonight.” Plus, if I keep getting better like this, my imagery of working in a year will be very real, which will in turn help the financial situation.

Bon Sante

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