The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!

My eyes are open, I will not shut them again. One thing that makes it hard for some people to take the idea of this autoimmune regime that I am on seriously is the skepticism of a life time of what I call, “Oh My God’s!” Media storms, such as “kill alls” like:

  • “Don’t use deodorant, its killing you, it will cause cancer!”
  • “Cholesterol kills, stop eating butter and other high fat foods, eat synthetic margarine instead!”
  • “Skin cancer, stay out of the sun, where tons of sun block!”
  • “Sugar is bad, eat the fake sugar in the little packets!”

Or cure alls:

  • “Eat healing Turmeric every day!”
  • “Avocado, the healthy fat!”
  • “Super food, Kale, eat it every day!”
  • “Eat butter, its good!”

If I eat Turmeric, but I am still eating chemically corrosive food, it won’t help me. If I’m eating Kale often, but I am consuming upwards of a cup of sugar a day, its fair to say that the sugar cancels out any benefits I was getting from the Kale. If I take care of the insides and I adhere to a whole food, organic diet rich in vegetables and clean meats, but ignore the outside and continue to use harmful, chemical laden products around the house, then I’ve put two magnets together facing each other in the wrong direction. I was using No.7 skin cream for the face. It helps smooth wrinkles and I was seeing a difference, I used it daily for 8 months. In following the Wahls Protocol, I am directed to read the labels and know what I am putting on my skin. So I read the label, looked up the ingredients and I read many reviews about No. 7. I learned two things:

  1. Contains a whopping five Parabens which are considered toxic.
  2. Uses a chemical that smooths the face by creating a mask, so to speak that hides the wrinkles at first, but makes them worse over time, because moisture can’t get through the mask which isn’t good, which then robs the skin of what it really needs, moisture.

I threw it out. I’m giving away my microwave. I tossed my Teflon pans and purchased a non-toxic Ceramic pan. I can’t change everything at once, its a lot to adjust to and expensive to replace, I’m not able to do that, but one by one, I make a change. Yesterday, I stopped using my plastic colander and began using only the stainless steel one and I threw out the No Cling spray I am addicted to using because I can’t stand static electricity in my clothes. This one I have always known is bad news, common sense there, but I continued anyway. Done! No more!

I was born in 1962 and up until I was 40 in 2002, I had met only two people in my life who had MS. In our neighborhood, there was one man who had MS, the father of one of my friends. And I was friends with a woman I knew in my 30’s, that’s it. Cancer, my Aunt tragically died from Leukemia when I was four at the age of 23. A nurse I worked with when I was 19, died unexpectedly, within three weeks of her diagnosis of terminal cancer. The cases for these diseases were there, but nothing like now. Everywhere I look these days, people are sick, mentally, psychologically and physically, a terrifying percentage of our population are manifesting autoimmune diseases, cancers and depression, all rampant.

I jumped today. I jumped two inches off the floor. Both my feet. “Big deal!”, you say? It has been impossible for me to jump for at least three years now in any fashion or form. I cannot lift my left leg that way, yet after just two months on this protocol, I jumped.

Yeah, its a huge adjustment and yeah, I’m mostly an island unto myself with this in many ways. I’d rather be a little isolated in my morays and heal, rather then sick and not aggravating people with my overt lifestyle practices. The ones who support me in this and their are a few cherished people who are supportive of what I am trying to do, even if some of them don’t agree, they can see that its giving me hope and they think that that is good. That’s good enough for me. This blog, the Wahls Facebook group and my closest friends and family are all cheering me on. That’s all I need.

Bon Sante


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