Working out the details

Working on how I can possibly afford the supplements, which I can’t. The supplements will be anywhere from $80 to $150.00 a month, haven’t figured it out yet, gathering the info. What I see so far, tells me it’ll be up in those figures somewhere. Its my experience that nothing is ever a block, even with a limited income (disability) and an astronomical grocery bill, I’m up around $500 for the month, an increase of $200. I’ve cut back on everything that I can, trying to not eat out, only when its a social must, average three times a month, small lunch bills under $10.00. No more nails, no more hair cuts and no more cable television. Cable television, I don’t miss at all, love YouTube, love music and have Netflix. But, there is still a limit and I’m there. So, what now?

Pure North is my next recourse. It is a non profit program here in Calgary that provides access and medical blood work for exactly what I am doing and according to a friend who has participated for three years, hers has been covered. That’s my next move. Get an appointment with them and then “show up” and let things go the way they go. Two major components, e-stim, waiting for enrollment in Optimus program for this in a month or so and the vitamins and required blood tests to monitor what levels to take them at, especially vitamin D, Calcium Citrate, and Coenzyme Q.

Future cooking equipment:

A dehydrator, just learned one of the reasons it is popular with Wahls people. On level II and III, it is required to soak nuts and seeds for hours before eating. A dehydrator can make them crunchy again without losing the nutrients from soaking.

A crock pot for making bone broth, which cooks up to 24 hours and costs the Earth to buy in pint jars, whereas it is important to drink a cup of it daily, buying it pre-made is not an option, gotta be homemade.

A Vitamix blender with a whopping price tag around $600.00, but one that most people on the Wahls Protocol say was the best investment they made.

This is not a total priority for me yet, I have a Ninja Professional which is a good blender. This one’s for the future. But, where as I am working in the direction of incorporating soaked nuts and seeds and homemade bone broth, the other two I’d like to see in my possession within three months. A crock pot should be fairly easy to find in good working order used. The dehydrator I’ll search for under or once I know, what exactly I need. Per usual, a lot of different models and price tags. Is it possible to destroy a person’s psyche with too many choices? Ugh!

Finally, yet another physical ability restored. I haven’t been able to rest or sleep on my back in years. I attributed that to my fused neck and lower back weakness. I was delighted to find that I am very comfortable lying on my back, nothing is going numb and there is no pain. So, is all the fuss above worth it? My God Yes! I can’t believe this! Yay…..yay!

Bon Sante


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