Supplements, vitamins and compounds, oh my!

Supplements and vitamins: so much to learn. Healthiest brands, best price, how much to take, which ones to take, best sources that have the healthiest brands at the most economical prices, yikes. A very big expense. Example, need to take fermented cod liver oil or fish oil, ideally the fermented cod liver oil is best, but, more expensive, however if I settle on fish oil (which is what I take right now), then I also must take mixed vitamin E, 400 mg for complicated absorption reasons I won’t explain here. Its all explained in the Wahls Protocol book. I looked up the fermented cod liver oil which is roughly, for a high premium and therefore, healthier variety, $50.00 for a 2 month supply. That’s one of 11, although it is one of the more expensive ones.

I will search high and low for the best deal. I have to, I don’t have much in the way of finances. On a different note, I did discover yesterday at the local natural market, a cupboard that I hadn’t noticed before of bulk organic spices and herbs. And the pricing is not astronomical. I figure, its probably going to take me the better part of a year to get all the ins and outs of organic vitamins, organic products, organic foods and the best pricing for them at the highest quality possible. Then there is learning the best way to cook and prepare many new foods with an emphasis on as many homemade components as possible. For example, I need to make homemade bone broths. I need a crock pot for this, these broths cook for 18 to 24 hours. Then I need to find the best prices for pastured and grain fed healthy bones to make the broths from. Haven’t gotten to this yet. However, I did attempt to keep herb plants, bought five, rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley and thyme, only to then watch my cat eat the ones she liked and dig up the ones she didn’t. Gave up on that idea. Stupid cat, she’s lucky that adore her.

This is where I need to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. “Time”, a word most of us hate. I have made so many healthy corrections to my eating, psyche, household and everyday habits, and am only halfway there to incorporating all the aspects of the Protocol and already, the results are dramatic. I’m really very excited to see how I feel after incorporating algae, bone broths, fermented foods, soaked nuts and seeds, sweating rituals, household, non-toxic, homemade or non-toxic, store bought products, etc.

Speaking of sweating rituals, I was once heavily involved with The Drum in New Hampshire (not there anymore) under the tutelage of an Ojibwa Medicine man and his wife. For three years, I participated in roughly 40 sweat lodges. They are incredibly beneficial on many levels, prayer, meditation, detoxing, social, and rebirth. The area is cleansed and set up with the entrance to the lodge facing an easterly direction, cedar and the correct rocks are gathered for the ceremony. The cedar is laid out encircling the area with an “umbilical cord” of cedar running from the fire pit to the lodge doorway. The ground inside the lodge, which is approximately 10 x 10 feet round, is blanketed with cedar. Water is boiled with cedar for a number of hours earlier in the day, which will become the water used to pour over the seven rocks that have been heating up in the fire and now sit in the center of the lodge in a small dug out for them. Those participating, no more than nine people tops, assemble inside after “putting down” tobacco for what it is that they will be “suffering” for inside the lodge. There are prayers, and seven pourings to begin. When the first water hits the hot rocks, the steam drops down on your shoulders and burns. It hurts to be in a sweat lodge, which is why they say, we suffer for something. It is a very small space that must be crawled into. After a few sweat lodges, you build up a tolerance. What happens when you emerge is magical. All your pores are opened up, toxins (spiritual and physical) have poured out, cedar medicine has settled in your skin and you are reborn. The lodge is literally, “a womb”. You feel bright, energized, and your eyes are new. No shower till the next day, you sleep with the cedar medicine on your skin. Everything in a sweat lodge ceremony means something. I miss those, the last one I was able to do was in 1997.

Well, far from the same thing, there is a steam room at the Southland Leisure Centre, my gym. This will be the next thing that I will do.

Bon Sante

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