Wahls Daily Food Tracker

What a beautiful day here today, 21C/70F, sunny, and breezy. It being the long weekend, I chose to not go to the gym today. I chose instead to ditch my  AFO and wore my hiking sandals instead, and I walked to the post office carrying a cardboard box filled with Telus equipment (if you remember I dropped my cable services) to return it to them. When I carry weight, I raise it high up behind my head, so that I can center the weight between both legs and not on my bad leg. I walked two blocks to the post office like that, mailed the weight, then I took the bus four blocks to the end of the street. I then walked four blocks to Second Cup, which is next to the Sunnyside Natural Market and across the street from Safeway (grocery store). I rested at Second Cup 40 minutes, had an unsweetened, black ice coffee and worked crossword puzzles. I then spent around 20 minutes walking and shopping at the Natural Market, crossed the street and spent 45 minutes grocery shopping at Safeway. I took a cab home. I got home, bent down and picked my cat up, giving her a big hug. Then, I put the groceries away, did the dishes and made dinner.

Here’s the thing, I had a very busy day yesterday of volunteer work that I do that was due all at once. I got it all done over the course of five hours. It consisted of emails, meeting with a manager, chairing a meeting, taking notes at a business meeting, going for lunch after with two women, then going home. It was a lot and ordinarily, I would’ve crashed the next day, but that didn’t happen!!! I had more energy today. Before I went out as described above, I spent three hours writing up minutes, emailing people and finishing the Wahls Protocol Tracker that I have been working on. I uploaded the tracker on Wahls Facebook Group site under files this morning. I will upload it here as well, on this blog, on the research page and on the recipes page.

After all that, I then went out and did everything in the first paragraph, and I am still not tired! Why the mention of picking up the cat? Because I can’t do that after a walk, I can’t bend down and get back up, my lower back and my leg are always too fatigued. All I can do is sit and yell at the cat to come to me (you know how cats are, they never come to you). More than that, I put on music, Beck’s “Girl” and “Dream” and I danced. Granted, pathetically and only for parts of the two songs, but, I wanted to. I haven’t wanted to dance in a very long time. I have always loved dancing, anyone who has known me more than ten years, knows this about me.

Below is the Dr. Wahls Tracker, this is to help keep tract of every part of the Protocol. It is multifaceted, to call it a diet is incorrect, it is a way of life that includes, yes, a very complicated eating regime, where food is your life source and your medicine, along with that is daily exercise, daily stress reduction, such as meditation and positive thinking, detoxing the body via sweating like in a sauna or steam room, or pulling toxins out using mud baths, getting rid of toxins in the household, what we put on our skin, in our mouths, and what we clean with, and e-stim physical therapy, which God willing, I’ll be approved to take part in with my MS clinic’s trials, which just happen to be happening for the first time, right now.

Wahls Daily Food Tracker

This, I believe will make it easier to keep track of the many facets of this regime. A little disclaimer, this tracker in no way takes the place of the Dr. Wahls Protocol book, which teaches everything about what your keeping track of on the sheets. Also, it won’t be perfect, if I spot mistakes, I’ll update it, if you know the Wahls Protocol and you spotted something, I hope you’ll let me know and I will fix it.

I am very happy………and so is my cat.

Bon Sante


Picture from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/city-exercise-fun-girl-373984/

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