The Wahls Protocol consists of three level diets to follow along with exercise, stress techniques, e-stim and detoxing the household. It is a lifestyle re-haul from every angle. I am working on daily sheets for each diet and also for the other aspects like exercise each day, meditation or positive thinking, e-stim, and changes made to household each week. It is a lot to keep track of. I keep it simple, forgive myself quickly if I didn’t do something perfectly (a character defect of mine), and do my best. So, my best today is to get these trackers worked on some more because the information floating around in my head is impossible for me to remember or properly keep track of. I have been writing down my meals everyday and checking off my nine cups daily. However, keeping track of eating enough fish and organ meat each week, incorporating fermented foods, soaked nuts and seeds, and seaweed, algae daily can get lost. Then the many differences between the three levels. Cognitively, it overwhelms me. I did seek a tracker on the Wahls Facebook group and there are a number of very helpful files there and I did find a great tracker someone created which incorporates the basics, I am building off of that one and I will upload the files I come up with for anyone to use at the Facebook group and make them available on my research and recipe pages too. Hopefully, this will help me compartmentalize all the information I need to keep track of. Whew! Lot of work, but what a pay off!!!!


Bon Sante

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3 thoughts on “Tracking

  1. I am completely overwhelmed by the protocol and need to do exactly what your doing to get organized about it. I haven’t done it because it seems overwhelming and I don’t know where to begin. Does Dr Wahls have a daily food/exercise tracker available?


    1. I will have these done by tomorrow night. Your welcome to use them. I found the someone put up on Wahls Facebook group to not cover enough of the Protocol’s many ins and outs. I’ll be putting what I come up with in Microsoft, I can also send it to via email, if after you see them, you like them. I’ll put them up with the blog tomorrow as well.


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