Learning Curve

Went to the gym today. Deep water class and later stretching, a little weights and stationary bike. I had my first salad for breakfast, I don’t know why this was so hard to do, but it was good. Guess its all that conditioning of what breakfast is supposed to be. Well, I’m over it. The big gain today was the stationary bike. I did 15 minutes on the bike and went up from level 2 to level 3. I did well with it. Woooo!

Common damage for many with MS is cognitive issues, like short term memory retention, multitasking and brain fatigue/brain fog. My short term memory is doing much better, lots of rehab there and the fog has lifted for the most part with this Protocol. Multitasking is one that will take time, its one of my worse symptoms, but it has improved. Reading causes brain fatigue. I was an avid reader, but find it difficult for years now to read a book through. I was a member of a Book club a few years back and even though I couldn’t read the books through, they insisted that I stay. I read reviews online, so at least I had a clue and I could then enjoy the discussions. When it was my turn to present the book, they let me pick a movie. I chose Flight with Denzel Washington.

This particular symptom makes it difficult for me to read Wahls book through and to sort through all that I must learn and understand. Big project. I decided to actually read what she had to say about NEMS or e-stim, which I wrote about yesterday. Knowing that she used it to rebuild her atrophied and weakened muscles along with exercise, I immediately went to the section of where to buy, instead of reading the whole chapter she has on the subject. Eventually forgetting that there was a chapter (oh, the memory issues) and set to work researching, without completely understanding what it was that I should be looking for. I did find some information and I contacted my MS clinic to be reevaluated for the Optimus Program where I will be able to see a physical therapist for the above treatment. And as I wrote yesterday, they just happen to be running clinical trials for e-stim therapy. That’s exciting, but I missed a lot of information that was well explained in the book.

Finally read the chapter this morning and it answered all my questions that I had been seeking and receiving in bits and pieces on the internet and in the Wahls Facebook group forums without getting the full picture. Turns out, everything I needed to know is in the book. I’m very excited about this, my drop foot leg is a drag, guffaw (pun) followed by a groan.

I am also working on a Protocol tracking sheet. I have the 9 cups of veggies down and the meat, but need weekly tracking of organ meat and fish, need daily tracking of fats, need daily tracking of nuts and seeds, and need to introduce seaweed/algae into my daily diet along with fermented foods and soaked nuts. I am getting there a little at a time.

Bon Sante

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