Attitude is everything

“Attitude is everything.” So easy to say that. So hard to learn. I am lucky in that I have practiced a self examined life for 25 years and that is paying off in a big way here. This of course does not mean that you have to have 25 years experience. I had a long way to go to achieve a positive mindset and still must work at it. Not everyone does, I have a very close friend who describes herself as a “Pollyanna”, and I agree. She has a very natural positive way about her that I have always admired. I figure one day, I’ll grow up and be like my friend. I’m 54, by the way, its a journey.

My attitude is this, every whole food I spend money on, every vegetable I wash and prepare, all that I cook, every dish that I wash and all that I am doing to acclimate to this lifestyle is an act of love, for myself. I like this explanation of priorities:

On a plane that has the oxygen light flashing, in the case of a mother with a baby, she must first put her oxygen mask on and then her babies. Because if she loses her breath, even if the baby has a mask on, they both die, the baby needs its mother to be well. It is one of those spiritual paradoxes, some of us think that we always put others first, that it is selfish to put oneself first. The truth is the opposite, sometimes putting others first can be an act of selfishness (not always), in the sense of, seeking approval, people pleasing, fear of confrontation (saying yes when we should say no). The funny thing is we invariably attract people to us when we take care of ourselves, because we show care for our own well being, we show confidence in who we are and this attracts others who are lacking in this area. And since we are taking care of ourselves, we then have something to share with others along with an innate ability to discern when it is appropriate to help someone. I have someone who has joined me in the Wahls Protocol, I have six weeks longer and six weeks experience to share, she has a lot of these eating habits already well ingrained and has that much more then me to share with me. It helps us both!

Strength in numbers!

Bon Sante


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