Happy Mother’s Day

I had a great start to my day with a call from my daughter in Quebec at 7:30 am wishing me Happy Mother’s Day. Then a wonderful morning with my son and friends who are family to us. A lovely brunch that my son and a young lady I call second daughter cooked for us. They made bacon, sausage, fresh fruit and cinnamon buns. My son bought me Nitrate free bacon and I brought some Cashew ice cream to eat instead of the cinnamon buns and it was great! The sausage was from a Hutterite farm. I had an all greens salad at 7 am and the brunch was at 11 am.  I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of the brunch, oh well.

I went shopping with Second Daughter and her Mother, a treasured friend and very special lady to the Chinook Mall. A mall I have avoided for at least two years. It is huge, it is always too warm and it only has two bathroom locations not including the food court. The last time I went to this mall, I ended up overwhelmed, over tired and in a ball of tears requiring me to phone Second Daughter to come rescue me. That would be the last time I walked that mall. Today, (so excited), I spent at least three hours there with a 20 minute break in the middle at a coffee shop and a fifteen minute break at the end while I waited for them to finish. The rest of the time, I walked, shopped and tried clothes on and I kept up, though I was visibly tired towards the end, I think I did amazingly well considering my track record, all this with no walker, just my cane and my leg brace. Woo Hoo!

Great Day! Love my kids. I am blessed,

Bon Sante

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