Comfortable in my new skin!

At the gym yesterday, I always begin with a fifteen minute stretch. I go in a smaller, quieter room where there is more privacy. I always use a mirror to check form. Yesterday was Thursday, the time before that in the gym was Monday, so, two days. A change had taken place in that time in my skin. I began my stretch and realized that my skin had a smoother, healthier appearance with a glow. This just keeps getting better. To say that I’m exited and happy about this “side effect” would be an understatement. I am sharing a link to a Dr. Wahls presentation on youtube. It is nineteen minutes long and is a good introduction to her Protocol.

I won’t lie though, at times it is difficult some days to do this for several reasons. One, most meals are work, cutting, chopping, cooking, dishes, dishes, dishes. Two, its complicated, you must keep track and stay balanced. Three, there is a lot to learn and acclimatize yourself to. How do I deal with these difficulties?

  1. I remember that the Protocol is my medicine and is healing me. It is a lifestyle change that is beneficial on many fronts, not just MS.
  2. I remember I only need do this One Day At A Time and I stay spiritually fit.
  3. I remember that the learning is temporary. I will learn this lifestyle and eventually aspects of it will become second nature, like anything else. And just like staying fit, I will always have to work at it.

And if these are not enough to motivate me, then I remember what modern medicine has to offer:

  1. “There is no hope and there is no cure.”
  2. This drug “may” cut down on the percentage of MS attacks you “may” suffer in the future. Oh, and yes, these drugs will make you sick.
  3. We will help you get a scooter and other expensive aids and we will gladly pay for these expensive drugs that “may” reduce future attacks. But, we will not help you obtain healthy foods (at a microscopic fraction of the cost of some of these drugs) that may heal you enough to get you off disability and working again.

Do I sound jaded? Yes, I am deeply let down by our medical system. All the autoimmune diseases, cancers, hepatitis, and other major environmental illnesses have had new drugs coming in the last two years with price tags upwards of $60,000 to $150,000 per year to take. And not one of them is a cure, not one! I don’t know much about the law of percentages, but our track record at one time was better then this, i.e. Measles, Polio, Mumps, Rubella, Small Pox, etc. Common sense is enough to tell me that something is rotten in Denmark! I feel terribly guilty about the money these poor billionaires will NOT be making off of me!

Okay, okay…..I’ve had my spiel! Is it hard to tell how I feel? No wonder patients are now taking the medical reins into their own hands and are at work healing themselves. Dr. Wahls Facebook group has over 12,000 followers. So does Dr. Coimbra’s Vitamin D Protocol. World wide there is a huge movement happening. And I am so very happy to be a part of it.

From the bottom of my heart to you,

Bon Sante


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