Life is too short!

Why put a skit out that laughs at all gluten free eating groups. Because the ability to laugh at oneself is key to reducing stress. In my case, I can bring my stress levels down by half with that trait alone. I work very hard to not take myself too seriously. At one time, many decades ago, I was a very morose person, very, very serious all the time. I was overly sensitive, the result of a total lack of self esteem. In my mid twenties, we celebrated the birthday of a much beloved manager. The card we gave her had a bunch of grapes on the front with the caption, “From the bunch of us.” Each grape had a happy, smiling or laughing face on it, but one. One grape was behind the other grapes with a miserable frowning face. I put my name on that one. At the dinner, when our manager opened her card and studied all the grape faces, she burst out laughing hard when she saw my grape, “Because”, she said between laughter gasps, “its true, that is you!”  It was me. I don’t know that woman anymore, I have become gregarious, outgoing, social and have desensitized my constantly hurt feelings. I was able to do that by a spiritual way of life that included great people who showed me how to laugh at myself, by their example of laughing at themselves.

I am still trucking along here, making changes almost daily. Yesterday, I dropped my optic cable! Da Da Daaaaaaaaa!!!!! Ominous music playing behind those words. I have been contemplating doing this for some time now. So, I finally did it. It will save me approximately $40 a month. It would’ve been more than that, but I upped my internet to unlimited for $15 more. Counting data and worrying about bills is counter productive to my stress free approach to life. Three major indulgences I have now let go of, they are, Optic TV, gel nails and hair cuts, saving me $40, $45, and $35 per month, respectively. A total of $120 freed up to spend on better food and supplements. I say to myself when I miss my nails, “Robin, you can have ugly nails and be super healthy and healed, or you can have beautiful nails in a wheelchair, pick.” Well, when I put it like that its not hard to decide. Concerning TV, I have a Smart TV that I can listen to music and watch documentaries on without cable. Most of what is on TV most of the time is crap anyway. The guy laughed last night at my answer after he asked, “But, what will you do instead?” I replied, “I don’t know, exercise?” In terms of my hair, the plan is trim it up twice a year. I have good hair that grows like a weed. I have always worn long hair well and still do.

I was surprised to have recently learned this quote from Einstein:

“The doctor of the future will not give medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the cause and prevention of disease.”

This from a man that most respect for his visionary genius. Maybe, we should listen to him again.

Bon Sante


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2 thoughts on “Life is too short!

  1. I’m so happy for you Robin. It looks like you are doing well! I love your blog…you are so inspirational…have you been to Rocky Mountain soap factory..may have some natural products for your skin that’ll be sufficient!

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