Plastic food containers, non-stick Teflon pans, microwaves (still up in the air on that one), baking in tinfoil (still researching), toxic beauty products and cleaners, filtered water, so on and so forth. This is another big adjustment, however, equally important. I can understand its wisdom, (remember the healthier days of brown paper grocery bags and wooden boxed items?) Yes, people were dying from smoking related illness, heart disease from saturated fats and diabetes from increased sugar consumption, but there was nowhere near the amount of cancer and auto-immune illnesses we have these days. Dr. Wahls believes this is another component of the problem. That makes sense to me.

  • Plastic versus glass for storing food. I agree with this, it is common knowledge these days that plastic is not good. I am slowly collecting glass jars and next month, when I have the money, I will purchase glass containers for storing.
  • Teflon pan versus ceramic. Teflon has long been tooted as, not just bad for you, but, really, really bad for you. I ditched the two that I had and replaced them with a ceramic pan. Best buy ever! Here’s a picture of one:


Nothing sticks to this pan, better than Teflon ever thought of being and its non-toxic and reasonably priced. I paid $25 for this at Safeway. There is a small pan like this one that I am buying next month.

  • Tap water versus filtered water. I think this is a no-brainer as well. However, Calgary, AB water tastes great to me. But, since I am committed to detoxifying, purchasing a pitcher with a filter is on my list of eventual must haves.
  • Microwave versus heating and cooking on the stove. Dr. Wahls is dead set against using Microwaves, she believes that they change the cellular structure of food. I am looking up more information on this, lots of myth busting going on about food losing nutrients and the like. I want to get a discussion going on Wahls Facebook group and do more searching on line about this. Why not just accept Wahls’ opinion on this one? Because Microwaves save me a lot of time. If it is proven, I will forgo my Microwave in a heart beat. But, I’m not convinced that I have to do that yet.
  • Tinfoil versus no tinfoil. This one, I just heard of from a friend, that cooking in or on tinfoil, is toxic. The argument online being that the metal is leached into the food during the cooking process. Still looking into this one. Tinfoil is another very convenient time saver, especially, dishes. We’ll see where we end up on that one.
  • Toxic beauty products, lotions, hygiene products, and household cleaners versus, well, non toxic beauty products, lotions, hygiene products, and household cleaners. This one makes all the sense in the world. We have medications that are topical because the body will absorb them through the skin, therefore, obviously so will the skin absorb ingredients in many products that are not good for humans or pets. This will be a gradual replacing as I replace this or that when its done its course, I will then find a better alternative. Big process, given the shear number of products we use, toothpaste, lotions, soaps and shampoos, deodorants, cleaning products, etc.

Habits for detoxing recommended by Wahls:

  • Saunas or Steam Rooms for sweating out toxins on a regular basis. We have a steam room at the Southland Leisure Centre. Wahls does warn to wait till you can tolerate heat if that is an MS issue for you, it is for me. It took Dr. Wahls six months on the diet before she could tolerate heat in a sauna. That fills me with hope. I hate that particular symptom.
  • Mud masks and clay baths. Very good at pulling toxins out. Need to learn more about this, but a consideration.
  • Water, lots of water. The old eight glasses a day. I am horrible at drinking water. Must change that bad habit.

I have no doubt that a book could easily be written on the nuances of this subject. That which I am not going to do here. But, you get the idea.

Bon Sante

Picture from Pexels:

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