Decisions, decisions.

Gorgeous out today. This is my favorite time of year. Where it feels like, smells like, and looks like summer without the heat. Today is 17 C/62 F and sunny. Now that puts a skip in my step! Every week at the gym, I notice more improvement and this week is no different. I’m finding my pace a little faster and my energy and endurance in the pool a little stronger. Its weigh in day, I’m 182 lbs/82.5 kl, down 2 lbs/.9 kl more. Most remarkable is my sense of balance, which has improved the most of all my symptoms. I can stand straight and I’m not teetering as dramatically as I was. I do tip a bit, but I can stand straight and stay there comfortably.

I’m feeling so good just on the Wahls Protocol that it does make me wonder if I will need Coimbra’s Vitamin D Protocol. It isn’t that I don’t believe that it will work, I am convinced it will. It is rather, will Wahls Protocol be enough for me as it was for Dr. Wahls and others. The thing about the Vitamin D treatment is that I will need to be monitored the rest of my life to insure that my levels are in the therapeutic range and adjusted as needed to insure impact without toxicity. I would not hesitate to do this if it were covered. However, it isn’t supported by our medical model. However I am well aware that, contrary to popular belief, this does not mean it doesn’t work. But it does create a conundrum for me. I will need to pay for testing, I have most of it covered this time under my physical, but at 2 months, six months, a year, two years and every five years after those, I will need to worry about how to pay or receive the testing. Further are the necessary vitamins, which will be around 80.00 a month just for the vitamin D, plus other necessary vitamins. Then there are the doctors visits that I will need to pay out of pocket for. Those will be via Skype and her prices are very fair, not astronomical, but another expense. No matter what, diet is mandatory on Coimbra’s and obviously on Wahls.

Coimbra recommends Wahls diet while practicing his Protocol. Wahls Protocol is a big financial adjustment in and of itself. I’ve let go of frivolous indulgences to make it possible for me to adequately follow her Protocol to the best of my ability and it is working and I am broke, but I feel great. What I am wondering to myself is, should I wait a year to completely adjust to Wahls Protocol to see if maybe, it will work so well for me, that it may not be necessary for me to have to do the Vitamin D therapy. Or should I plow ahead and just do it. These are my thoughts today, to commit to the Vitamin D Protocol means a level of debt that might not be necessary. The way that I am improving on Wahls, I think that it may be best to wait a little longer before committing. For me to commit I will need to take out a credit card and incur some very real debt. If it is clear to me, that this is a must, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. But, there is a possibility that it is not a must. What is clear, is that Wahls Protocol is a must no matter what.

And, in case your not clear on what the financial obligation of Wahls Protocol is? It is the increase of cost for all things (or as much as possible) organic. Ideal is local organic. Locally ranched meats, which are almost three times more expensive then the cheap stuff with all their fillers, preservatives and hormones. Here is one example: ghee (clarified butter) instead of butter. 1 lb of butter, $4, 2 cups of ghee, $9, or take the time to make it myself. My food budget, including household, has been $300 a month in two trips. I did my shopping last week and it was $93 at the Sunnyside (Natural) Market and $172 at Safeway for a total of $265. At least half of this will last the whole month, though. But, will need to hit the local farmers market every week, most especially for fresh greens and vegetables that I will need to consume 9 cups of a day, around $25 per week. And there will need to be another visit to the grocery store, but maybe for $100. Now, where does that bring us, for little ole me:

$265 + $100 + $100 = $465 and increase of $165 per month. Don’t get me wrong, this is not complaining, rather, my experience of what I am working to do and the problems that I must overcome in order to make it happen. Of course this does not include my supplements. Every day, I am taking 10,000 IUs of vitamin D3 drops, a total of four Fish Oil gel caps with meals, a total of nine acidophilus caps, three calcium/magnesium + zinc caps and two vitamin Cs. I’m not going to add that up right now, I think its it roughly $120 for a 3 month supply. I’m using Shopper Drug Mart points to help pay for these. Then of course is the investment of books, necessary kitchen appliances, the eventual reinvestment of non toxic household items, time and energy.

And you know what, I feel so good, that I will give all I have to keep it up. I am feeling very grateful today.

Bon Sante



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