Willing to go to any lengths!

Willing to even eat Salmon! The very word sends shudders and “Yicks!”, awakening my gag reflex and sending peels of stomach churning reverberations down my spine. “Blah! Fishy fish!” So, I made the plunge and bought the salmon. I had coffee with my salmon loving, good friend this morning and asked her the best way to eat it. She explained, “I bake it in tin foil with maple syrup and soy sauce, its so yummy.” The picture above is my version. I marinated it in garlic, Braggs Amino’s (soy), and maple syrup. I’m allowed just one tsp of sugar a day, but that did not sound near enough for my first foray into the salmon eating world. So, I dumped an 1/8 of a cup on it (how many teaspoons is that?) Don’t care. I served it with bacon and cranberry riced cauliflower and baked sweet potato fries. I asked the Fish Gods for help. The moment came, I sized up the challenge and finally said to myself after staring my fish down, for five minutes, “My God! It’s dead, it can’t hurt anyone, eat it!” I did and its fishy after taste came wafting in my mouth, however, the maple syrup was yummy. I decided that I needed more help. I sought the Vegenaise (dairy free mayo) and I put a small glop on my plate next to the offender. Between that and the maple syrup, I was able to eat the fish enough so that I could concentrate on what I did like about it.

  1. Its pretty. I love the color and the look of it.
  2. Its texture. The best part. Salmon has the most wonderful, tender texture.
  3. It has a very subtle, unoffensive smell.
  4. It was very easy to cook.

By the time I was at the end of my fish from hell journey, I was liking it more. Enough so, that I think that I will be able to drop down the sugar more and more and be alright with it. Big sigh, “I did it.”

Why all this insistence that I eat salmon? I have to have at least two portions of rich Omega 3 fish per week. Salmon is number one. next is sardines and then canned mackerel.  Salmon, obviously, out of those three is the best choice. My friend asked me, “Your from the East coast, they have the best Salmon, better then the West, I’m surprised you don’t like it.” I explained, “In Massachusetts, I grew up eating white fish, clams, lobster, shell fish, raw oysters and cherry stones.” You don’t see much lake fish, trout, salmon, or swordfish. We had it, but when you went to the big fish restaurants, like Browns or the Marquee at Salsbury Beach, the above is what everyone was eating. I did work at a fish house in Salem, New Hampshire called Fishland for a couple of years. I manned the fish case. We did sell those “other” fish, but they were never the best sellers. Fishland was 20 minutes from famed Gloucester, Ma where this statue resides:

Fisherman’s Memorial, Gloucester, MA USA

Our lobsters and half our seafood were delivered daily from Gloucester fishermen. I ate a lot of lobster when I worked there. Those guys would get me 2 lb culled lobsters (one claw). I could buy them at the restaurants cost (a perk). Culls were the cheapest price, but were usually the smallest lobsters. Anyway, I’ve digressed. Point is, I love seafood, just not “that” seafood. But, I’m willing to learn. It is apparently seafood from heaven with its ridiculous amount of precious Omega 3. That’s what I call willing to go to any lengths!

Fisherman’s Memorial picture from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fishermans_Memorial_Detail_Gloucester_MA_USA

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