The Plan

I had an answer from the Protocol Doctor in Vancouver in answer to my Doctor’s limiting which tests he feels he can order. She said that no matter what, I will need to pay for the Vitamin D test. I looked it up, its $80.00 (not to bad). She said there was only one other test on the list that I must have done. I am going to ask my family doctor when I have my physical the 15th if he could include that last test. A day at a time, a step at a time. Then, once she receives my last MRI, last Neurological Report and Bone Density exam from two years ago (she said that’s okay), get the vitamin D done and get the lab results to her………….gasp……big breath in, then I’ll be ready to have my initial Skype with her that will start me on the actual Protocol. Next thing that I can do right now for the actual protocol, is find out what exactly I take and in what form and find the best pricing and finally estimate a budget.

What is in place? I am well on my way on the Wahls Protocol diet (which Dr. Coimbra recommends) and I exercise on a regular basis. I have cut all dairy from my diet. I need to learn to drink two and a half liters of water a day (mandatory). Drinking water has never been a strength of mine. That’s gotta change. There is so much to learn.

Today, I am making hemp heart bars. What is a hemp heart you say? I have no idea! I’ve never had hemp heart anything. They are described as being nutty, these are for an occasional treat, not a daily thing. This is the recipe:


Ooh, just had one….


Very good! This is a keeper. I’ll put this on the recipe page too. This was a very busy day, I need to stop and chill for a while.

Bon Sante


Picture from Pexels:

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