Rome wasn’t built in a day

A set back day. I know why, though. I am a “burn it at both ends” kind of person and if it feels good, more is better! I’ve been so excited with my new found energy that of course I’ve taken everything on too fast. Just need to slow it up a bit. I woke up this morning feeling siiiick. Two reasons come to mind. One, as stated above and two, I ate a full sized salad at 9 pm last night. I was behind on my intake of vegetables and had the hungry horrors. I knew that one way or the other I was eating, opted for what I should eat, but, it was way to late for me to eat. I generally have my last meal before 7 pm because I’m usually in bed by 9:30. My eating schedule is messed up because I lost track of my organizing with way too much on my schedule, way too soon for me to adequately handle it. I did go to the gym as scheduled just the same this morning, the water workout was okay. But the gym portion? I was a slug and lasted only 15 minutes, slug pace.

Another problem I am having is my new found media sites where I want to follow all the threads and comment on everything and follow them all, this is fatiguing and time consuming. Balance is something that takes a lot of work for me to implement. Because of the cognitive problems I have, I must be regimented in my schedules. Because when I begin changing them up on a whim, like the last couple of weeks, I begin losing things, forgetting things and getting stressed. Example: yesterday I had a packet of information on Coimbra and Dr. Wahls book for my doctor. I left them in the cab. I understand that this is not unusual, lots of people do this. But, with me, it turns a simple appointment into an energy drain. I called Access after the initial heart attack in the elevator and they directed me to wait out front, but my doctors appointment was in 10 minutes. Call to my doctor, “No, he’s on time and can’t wait.” Call back to Access, “We don’t know, he just said he’d be there as soon as he can.” Stress! Anxiety! Makes my brain tired. The upswing is he did get there with five minutes for me to get upstairs and still be on time. All was well. “Why let little things bother me?”, you say? Because things like that require me to think fast and that uses a lot of precious energy. Months of rehab, over the course of two years, with MS Occupational Therapists have taught me how to be exacting and how to micro organize and pace myself and my schedules. With a regimented, well rested and thoroughly planned for schedule this rarely happens anymore.

To get caught up, I am cancelling my trip to the Southland Leisure Centre for exercise tomorrow, I am doing my laundry tomorrow morning (should’ve been done Tuesday) and I am going to walk a Kilometer to the grocery store and get that done (that also should’ve been done Tuesday). What was I doing Tuesday? Social media. From now on, my social media will happen for one hour a day, not including this Blog. I spend about an hour doing the Blog for a total of two hours online, that’s enough.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. I must remember that I am not going to completely heal all this damage in one month. I still need to respect my limited body. So, whereas, yes, I do have tons more energy then I did last month, I must also remember that I still have lots of damage that is not going to immediately rectify and I have to respect that. Soooo hard, “You hear that you addict, you!”, she said to herself.


Picture of Roman Theater Ruins from Pexels:

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