One step at a time

I saw my family doctor today, who essentially is a good guy and I think really does want the best for his patients. He will order some of the testing that is accepted under routine physicals since I haven’t had one in two years. But that is as far as he can go. I had some very good recommendations under the North American Vitamin Protocol Facebook page that included other options to receive testing that some of them across the country have been successful with, short of paying out of pocket. Apparently, this is a real challenge in Canada, but not impossible.

Each and everyday I have more and more energy because of the Wahls Protocol diet. I feel manic almost. I have not had energy like this in years. I have forgotten who I was. I was a very energetic individual, a doer, leader, organizer. Lived life to the hilt. I’m beginning to have whispers of her again. Scoffers can scoff, I find the biggest scoffers are those who have not studied it thoroughly. I know it took me a couple years to accept this direction. The numbers of people successfully following this and reaping the seemingly guaranteed rewards are vast. Tens of thousands around the globe and this is the same for both Protocols.

Slow and steady wins the marathon!

Bon Sante

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