Tapping into the Light

Beautiful out today, we’ve had a weak of cold, dark weather. The sun is shining, the temp is 11 C (51 F). Walked two blocks to the bus at a fair clip with no rest. That’s good compared to the shape I was in a short month ago. Still very excited about what I learned yesterday and have taken action with an email to Dr. Tamburic about fees and tips on possibly obtaining health coverage for this. I’ll call my family doctor Monday to make an appointment with him hoping he will order the lab work necessary for the Protocol and that he’s willing to send the labs along to her. Then, I’m calling my Neurologist and requesting an appointment with him too and requesting that my last MRI and neurology report also be sent to Dr. Tamburic.

I am in the habit of turning my will and life over to a Higher Power. I have a belief in a Higher source that to me works like the law of gravity. I believe very much in the power of thought. A negative person can cause much destruction, inwardly and outwardly, whereas a positive person rooted in love and gratitude will have the opposite effect. I can choose to focus my energy on hate and fear or I can choose to focus it on love and gratitude. In the 90’s I was heavily involved in a place called The Drum in New Hampshire, a Native American Cultural Center. An Ojibwa Medicine man and his wife had come to The Drum from Michigan (or Wisconsin) to carry a message about Native values and spirituality to the East coast. He said he had a calling to do this because of a greater need. Because this region of the country had less pure Native Americans due to a longer history of European settlement and therefore a greater disconnect from the “Red Road”. Back then I had developed the habit of using the medicine Sage for a spiritual clearing of the mind of negativity and a vehicle to concentrate on connecting with this Energy source described above. I did this every morning and every night and anytime in between I felt the need. I hadn’t used this physical ritual since 2000. This is a good time to bring it back. I began using this style of meditation again about two months ago. I draw the smoke over my face, body and my cat (can’t forget Luna) saying, I have work to do, I’m healed, what next?

I feel alive and full of purpose again! Seeking further direction, which I have no doubt will come as I need to know it and do it. Just have to keep my potentially enormous ego in check! I use a Higher Power for that too.

“The creative power of the universe is thought. Anything that exists must first be thought of by someone before it can exist, and so all creation is but the concrete expression of thought. We are what we think.” Emmet Fox

Bon Sante

The picture is from Pixels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/wood-light-vacation-picnic-60006/

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