Support Groups

When I quit smoking back in 1996, five deaths happened in our inner circles and family, all smoking related, one after the other. At that time, I had been trying to quit and unable to stick to it for three years. These deaths sent a group of us, six people, to quit together. We used different methods, I went cold turkey, two used hypnosis (The Mad Russian in Boston) and three used nicorette gum. One using the hypnosis method dropped out 2 months in, one who used nicorette gum for the first few months, remained smoke free for one year, for a month or so, he kept an unlit cigarette with him for a month and then began smoking again. The other four, myself included stayed smoke free (I started smoking again nine years later in 2004 and quit again in 2009, still smoke free). What helped us all the most was quitting together. We stayed in touch and saw each other on a regular basis. We were all involved in another support group we all had in common and we used the principles of it to stay the course.

Dr. Wahls Facebook page and the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis website both have very good public forums. I like that I can hear others striving towards the ideals on these diets. I am working the Dr. Wahls diet and so am following her Facebook page. I most like hearing the ones who have been doing this a while and hear the positive changes that have happened for them. I would like to start a solution based support group for autoimmune illnesses featuring these lifestyle changes. A face to face camaraderie of support and information will only strengthen my chances. Anything that helps, I’m willing to do.

Breakfast was a Smoothie with a small banana, frozen berries, kale, coconut milk and almond milk, 2 tsp’s cashew butter, dash of Kosher salt, a tsp of maple syrup and a tbsp of fresh ground flax seed. I had 2 slices of Nitrate free bacon. Who could imagine that having a smoothie and bacon for breakfast is good. I’m down with that.

Bon Sante

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