Working Hard: Hour by Hour

I’m working hard to establish my increased activity of two more days of exercise, blogging everyday, the MS Support group which is this Thursday and the time required to learn and implement this new regime of eating into my life. It is overwhelming, but I know from experience that in time, my schedule will become manageable. And as my energy levels are increasing daily, I know that its working. 

I am taking it hour by hour. This morning I messed up the time on my water class again, so I did my own thing. I am going to use the alert on my phone to help me keep my schedules straight. I did, finally, make a list for my gym bag. That helped. 

My house is disgusting, desperately need to wash, sweep and vacuum. I washed the vacuum cleaner filter, but can’t find the instruction book or remember how to put the filter back. I need to look that up on line. Job for this afternoon. 
Foodwise, I tried out a cereal called, “Holy Crap”. It’s chia seeds, dried cranberrys, nuts, etc. Its expensive, $10 for a small bag, but its only 2 Tbsp’s a serving for a total of 8 servings.  Its small dimensions make it easier for me to tote to the gym. I add around 3/4 cup fresh or frozen berries and 1/2 a cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk with 2 Tbsp’s coconut milk. You’d think that it wouldn’t be satisfying, but it very much is,  to the point where I wasn’t happy when the store was out when it needed replenishing. To save money, I need to make my own. That is part of the learning curve, but probably can do it for half the price. 

Well off to the second part of my workout, stretching and cardio machines. See if I can’t do more then 3 minutes on the eliptical….Woooot! 

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