Which door do you want to pick, each one has a prize.

I have been studying the different diets of which there are three I know of. MS Hope, Dr. Wahls Protocol and Overcoming MS (Dr. Jelinek).

  • Dr. Jelinek is a Vegan diet: Low saturated fat, no dairy, no peanuts, natural sugars in moderation, soy is okay and it is not gluten free (whole grains), however, he does advise to watch for sensitivity to eggs and gluten and to omit them if problematic. Flax seed and olive oil, no heating up these oils, rather cook with broths and water and drizzle oil on after cooked. Use a lot of Flax seed along with fresh wild caught fish for Omega 3.
  • MSHope and Direct-MS (Matt Embry and his father Dr. Ashton Embry): This diet is based on the Paleo diet, is low saturated fats, no dairy, no gluten, no peanuts. Lots of vegetables and fruit, little sugar (read labels, make sure that sugar is not the 1st, 2nd or 3rd ingredient). No soy, beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. There is no regimented guide, except the none of these list, these in moderation list, eat lots of this list (watch excellent five minute videos on MS Hope). Also, a lot of supplements to make sure you’re receiving the vitamins and nutrients you need, with an emphasis on Probiotics, Vitamin D3, Calcium/Magnesium, and Fish or Flax Seed Oil.
  • Dr. Wahls Protocol: This one is fine tuned for optimum health. It is very specific and is designed to cover all your nutritional needs eliminating the need for any supplements, except Vitamin D3. It is based on the Paleo diet with an emphasis on mitochondria technology. Her diet is gluten free, dairy free, egg free and peanut free. It uses more fat than the other diets, coconut oil, flax seed oil, virgin olive oil, nitrate free bacon grease and ghee (clarified butter).  Her diet Protocol has three diets (versions or stages) it is simple and straightforward, but requires a lot of learning and change.

Jelinek’s Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) Vegan diet, I was on that diet for two years and didn’t know it. I attended a Seventh Day Adventist Church in Brunswick, ME. Mostly medical professionals at this particular church due to a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in town. My family doctor, Dr. Stephen Boyd was a member. And told me about Dr. Swank (look it up, I will be adding information about Dr. Swanks ground breaking work about these theories). That Church follows the OMS diet and are Vegans. I had started Copaxone and ended Copaxone at the same time as the diet and assumed, I did well and bad because of Copaxone, not the diet. Now I realize, that it in fact was the diet (Imagine my surprise when I read the OMS book and realized it was the same regime). Therefore, it worked for me.

MSHope/Direct-MS is a wonderful diet as well, closer to Dr. Wahls, loosely structured with supplements. It works too, when followed in the way it is explained on MSHope. My problem is, I think like an addict. If I can find a loophole, I will exploit it to the ninth degree. My weakness is carbs. I have decided to follow Dr. Wahls most closely because of its very specific direction. This works best for the type of person I am.

Dr. Wahls Protocol, I saw Dr. Wahls speak here in Calgary about two years ago. And I followed her diet for 3 months. The turn around on her diet was most dramatic for me. At the end of the 3 months, I was walking at a clipped pace, my energy was through the roof and I was taking on extra shifts at my part time job then. So, why did I stop at 3 months? There’s a few reasons:

  • One, I said it above, had to deal with my addiction and underlying issues surrounding food (of which there are many). I went to three different types of counseling to tackle the layered issues of the problem.
  • Two, I wasn’t prepared well enough. Financially, I wasn’t ready for the commitment. I needed to learn a whole lot more about organic foods and the best economic choices available to me to obtain said food. And I wasn’t fortified enough to handle the lifestyle changes and work necessary to learn to live this new lifestyle.
  • Three, I needed to learn varied ways to prepare the food. I ate so much Kale, that at the end of the three months, if I never saw another Kale leaf it would be too soon.

In summation: Some of us, being non-addicted disciplined sorts in the realm of food, will adopt one of these diets with little difficulty. Some of us may fail the first time (but, its really not a failure, I failed repeatedly for three years when trying to quit smoking and it finally stuck. Each time I failed, I learned another key to quitting unique to me and finally, I did it. Which brings me to the last “some of us”, some of us will need to overcome a whole lot to achieve this, it took another MS attack for me. I am prepared this time to see it through.

Meditation, sunlight and exercise are recommended by all. I got Dr. Wahls cookbook today and it will help a lot. In her forward, she emphasizes the need to “carry the message” by documenting your experience and changes via online media as a way to develop purpose that will help you stick to this and help others too. What a coincidence, that’s what I am doing. She’s a woman after my own heart! That is what all of these people are doing, via research (all three), messaging, touring, and living exactly what they’re saying.

Finally, I have made friends with Kale again, but am not limited to just Kale and I have so much energy I feel like I’m on speed!

Bon Sante

Addendum: See my research, books, websites page for links to all these sites and keep in mind that I am still studying and reading. I have not got these described perfectly, its best to look into it for yourself.

Note: The picture of Kale was obtained from https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-plant-51372/

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