It takes Time…….

I’ve done my water class and had breakfast (gluten free cereal with almond milk, dried cranberry’s and a small banana). Took my probiotics and fish oil. I’m trying to read the Overcoming Coming MS book, but I can’t read for long before becoming brain fatigued. l was an avid reader and still am, it just takes me about a month to get through a book, at one time, it was a few days, maybe a week. That’s okay, the information is fascinating, makes sense and fills me with the resolve to march on, one day at a time!

For reference, this is my exercise schedule:

Sun: 8:30-9:30 am-Deep Water Zumba, 10 am-11 am-breakfast and rest, 11-11:15-stretching/yoga, 11:15-11:40ish light weight circuit training

Mon: 9-10 am-Deep Water Tethered Aqua Jogger, 10:30-11:30-breakfast and rest, 11:30-11:45-stretching/yoga, 11:45-12:15-cardio machines

Thu: 9:15-10:15-Deep Water Aerobics, 10:45-11:45-breakfast and rest, 11:45-12-stretching/yoga, 12-12:20-light weight circuit training

Fri: 8-9 am-Deep Water Tethered Cardio, 9:30-10:30-breakfast and rest, 10:30-10:45-streatching/yoga, 10:45-11:15ish-cardio machines (lasted only 13 minutes today).

I’m upstairs in the gym doing my exercises. Today is a hard one. I’ve doubled my visits to the Southland Leisure Centre from two days a week to four. The hardest thing about it is that it throws my schedule out of wack. I have a hard time with that. All day, I’ve had to remind myself that its Friday, not Monday. The class is at 8:00, not 8:30 (I remembered 10 minutes before, not much time to be ready for a water class. But, I made it on time, wooo hooo. So, upstairs in the gym, I’ve decided that two alternating days will be circuit weights and two will be cardio on machines. I managed 10 minutes at the lowest setting on a seated bike. I want to ride bike like Dr. Wahls, (see her on my research page). Its a good start (I haven’t used cardio machines of any kind in six years). Then I tried the Elliptical. I lasted 3 minutes on the lowest setting as it repeatedly said to me, “Resume Workout”. Meaning it wasn’t detecting what I was doing, “Pathetic”, I thought. Immediately replaced that thought with, “No, you did it.” This gym has a sign that says, “The slowest here are moving faster then the ones on the couch!” “Damn right!”, I think. I feel good about this.

At home, I’m organized (have to be, no matter what), but the added schedule is making it hard to do washing, sweeping and vacuuming, I’m behind. Food preparation takes time, but, I’m determined. I know from experience that it’ll all balance out over time. “Timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme”! That word, we all hate. Back to the food preparation, (as I ignore the accumulated crumbs and particles all over the floors and carpets), I made fish with salsa on it, I made eggplant with tomato’s, garlic, oregano and basil and I made blue potatoes, sliced with Cajun seasoning and onions, roasted without oil. I add olive oil to the eggplant and potatoes after. I make enough of the vegetables to last a few days, giving me a break on one meal a day. Learning to cook this way takes time. I’m tired after the gym and the thought comes, “Order a pizza, you deserve it!” Oh, my addictive brain. I ask that one to be removed from my thoughts quick! What did I mean by that…..that’s a big subject for another day. Now I need to make a gluten free baked apple something……time to consult the cookbooks.

Bon Sante

Note: Picture is of the deep water pool where our classes are held.

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