I took a deep water class this morning with my favorite teacher, Leona. As I did my water jumping jacks in between cross country skiing around the pool, I imagined that I was teaching the class. In my minds eye, I saw myself demonstrating the exercise without a cane, without an AFO, without teetering, without limping and I was full of energy, as I paddled around the water.

After my exercise sessions this morning, I sat on the bench on this beautiful day and imagined that it was 90 degrees and I wasn’t sick, I was hot, but I enjoyed the sun. I was waiting for Access Calgary to pick me up. As I waited, I was getting in my car that I could drive and well afford. I get in the car (not sure what this car is going to be yet) and I started her up with my keys. I blasted the air conditioner and listened to her purr. I pulled out of my parking space and I drove myself home.

These Images are future goals, other imagery that I am benefiting from right now are:

  • When I walk or stand or sit, I imagine myself sitting with a straight back and strong erect neck. And then I do it, if I slouch again five minutes later, I again do the above, over and over again. Been three weeks of doing that, and I am no longer slouching. A lot of pain taken away, not to mention, looking better.
  • My stomach, I see it pulled in tight, and when my stomach muscles let go, I again say, “Pull your stomach in!” Then I pat myself on the back when I am successfully doing this. Still working on that one, but its working.
  • I imagine myself a smaller person. Not sickly thin, but, strong, toned and compact. I’m grateful that I am not in horrible shape, I have a life long love of exercise and have kept that up, to the best of my ability. However, I am doubling up on what I have been doing and walking more. Exercise is an anti-depressant for me. So, I started out 195 lbs (hate to say that). Today I weighed myself at the gym and I am 187 lbs. Woot! Of course, half of this is water weight and the weight loss will probably slow down, but I am sure that if I keep doing what I am doing, this will continue and I will achieve what I see in my minds eye.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, we just keeping swimming, swimming, swimming.” Dory from Finding Nemo

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