Working, Creating, Developing

My Blog is coming together, little by little. I have more to add to the research page, which of course will be an ongoing informative page. I have more to add to my monthly symptom changes page. Need a detailed account of initial damage and symptoms now for accurate comparison month to month. I would like to maybe create a simplified graph after the descriptors are finished. I’m fairly computer savvy, but have never been able to get the gist of Excel. Maybe this is a good motivator! I am very excited about this path I’m “choosing” to take. I said that because sometimes we are given the correct information, but then quite often there are emotional attachments and addictions that have to be resolved. Addictions are something that I am no stranger to. I am a recovered Alcoholic 25 years sober. I have quit smoking twice, first time for nine years and now smoke free 8 years. I have had complicated food issues all my life. I successfully addressed this with Weight Watchers 20 years ago, but this diet threw me for a loop, which is why I didn’t stick to it a year and a half ago.

I saw Dr. Terry Wahls speak when she came to Calgary. 400 of her books were given out. I learned the diet and apply’d. I stuck to it three months and at the end of that time, I felt great, was walking better and my energy was through the roof. Then I yo-yo’d for the first time in 20 years and I rebounded horribly. I ate nothing but what I couldn’t have on the diet including foods I haven’t eaten in decades, butter and cheese everyday and pasta galore, sugar, sugar, sugar. No wonder I had such a bad relapse in the last three months! Plus the weight gain! Like I need weight on this drop foot of mine, ugh! At the end of that tirade and at the very bottom of my physical health, they put me on muscle relaxers. I lasted five days and stopped them. Horrible drug, it makes you want to sleep, sleep, sleep and my words were slurring. Worse, I saw the wheel chair looming ahead if I didn’t do what I understand is best for me.

Even though I was physically failing the fight, I really wasn’t. The whole time I was dealing with the psychological issues that impact me related to eating because I am convinced this is the way to go. I got counseling and embarked on an intense self examination and after the damage from this last attack. I am finally ready to go to any lengths! This blog, reaching out to those who have found success, getting the books and cook books to help me adjust to the difference in preparing meals this way. I’ll be listing those on the Research page soon. I started a peer to peer MS support group by people with MS for people with MS here in Calgary with a friend Brigid, diagnosed, Primary Progressive. Frankly, Brigid dragged me along (thanks Brigid). Now I’m on board! Our group meets the last Thursday of every month. I will put the flyer up on the Research page soon.

So, today was a big work day on my blog!

Bon Sante!

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