Socializing Successfully

Holiday gatherings with loved ones centered around food. I was afraid I’d have, maybe one thing I could eat, but I was wrong. And even so, nothing tastes better than time spent with family and friends, even if I can’t eat the food. However, I had a great meal last night. Seven appetizers, one was Thai Shrimp. I ate only the shrimp, which was wonderful. For dinner I had spinach salad, tabbouleh, corn and string beans, white meat turkey (no gravy) and a small dollop of whole cranberry sauce. I skipped the stuffing, mashed potatoes, marshmallow sweet potatoes, Mexican rice and gravy’s and sauces. I was satisfied and sated without the latter. I had black coffee, no cream or sugar, skipped the punch and had ice water. The coffee has been hard, I love lots of sugar and cream in strong coffee. I am getting used to it, a little at a time. I end up drinking half a coffee instead of two coffees. It’s a process. dessert featured the most beautiful Easter cake that I had ever seen brought by a friend. The cake was tall and featured three layers of bright colored Easter Egg colors. The cake looked like an Italian Spumoni cake (I’m Italian). It was decorated with beautiful white icing with candy Easter eggs. I was surprised that I was happy to just see it, but not eat it. When I got home, I treated myself to a cup of Chai tea and a homemade gluten free apple muffin.

Leaving the party, I was happy, but exhausted. I had  “talked” myself out, my head was buzzing. After eating my muffin at home, I relaxed and went to bed at 10 pm. Next morning, I woke at 6:50 to get ready to be picked up for exercise at the Southland Leisure Centre. I was tired and did not want to get out of bed. Normally an early riser, the late night out made it hard to get up. I knew that once my body hit that water, I was going to be happy. I went. And I was happy. Had a great workout. Aqua Jogging was the name of the class. I was unable to do the weights after breakfast though. I go with my bathing suit under my work out clothes for a quick change to get to the water after arrival. However, I forgot to pack my underwear. I draw the line at working out without a bra. I really need to make a check list for my gym bag.

I can’t get over how energized I feel in this short time. My son says, “Maybe its a Placebo effect?” I don’t disagree with that. I think probably half of what I am feeling is the hope of this working, the other half is definitely fueled and energized by the better foods my body is happily receiving. I am reading “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis” by Professor George Jelinek (see research links page). The section I read today explained past research and finds from other scientists and doctors leading up to Dr. Jelinek’s research. He described Dr. Swank’s life work on nutrition and MS. I will be putting links up to this information on the Research page soon. A memory began to dawn. After the big cognitive attack suffered in Maine in 2009, I was literally in a fog for a very long time. I have rehabbed quite a bit from that attack and am thinking far more clearly now. I had forgotten that my family doctor, Dr. Stephen Boyd of Brunswick, ME, a practicing Seven Day Adventist, showed me on the computer who Dr. Swank was and what the diet was that he proved was better for people with MS. As I read the page, the memory wafted up. I can’t believe that I didn’t understand the information then, the murky depths of my occurring damage was so bad at that time.

The picture is of my daughter and four of her girlfriend’s feet. The bare feet are my daughters, Lea Marie. The picture feels how I felt with everyone last night. Lot’s to be grateful for.

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