Easter (rebirth)

Rebirth, a fitting word for what I am embarking on! I feel unusually hungry today, not sure why. The plan was to eat very light in anticipation of an elaborate dinner party at 4:30 today, but needed to eat something filling and maybe that is best. This Easter celebration features a host that I love very much, but cooks very hearty food. I will need to resolve myself to stick to only what I can have. Going too hungry will make it harder to stick to the eating plan.

Its only been three weeks, but already my energy levels are up daily now. I was facing spasticity that was becoming bad enough to warrant muscle relaxers. The painful bouts that landed me in ER visits are gone. I still have spasticity in my legs at night and when I get up in the morning.

Medications I take now. I’ve never been a big fan of drugs. I take 300 mg of Gabapentin a day and a shot of Copaxone daily. That’s it.

I’ve upped my vitamin D from 4,000 IUs daily to 10,000. I am taking 2 probiotics and 2 fish oil gel caps three times a day with meals. Three calcium with magnesium once a day with dinner. In the morning I take two vitamin C. That’s all I can afford. I live in a very dry climate that turns my nails brittle. I find it impossible to keep them up. I splurge on gel nails once a month, $45.00. I’m giving these up for the vitamins.

I exercise twice a week. Deep water aerobics, then a break for a light breakfast followed by stretching and circuit training with weights. This week, I’ve upped this to four times a week and am walking outside more (that stopped the last few months).

Walking two blocks is hard, requiring frequent stops to rest. I have a drop foot on the left side requiring a device (AFO) that slips into special shoes under my foot with a rigid piece running up the front of my lower leg with straps in two places, looks like military armor. It keeps my toes up so I don’t trip as much. With this I use a cane. If I go to a mall or am having a weak day, I use a fold up walker.

I’m taking my time today, resting for tonight. Time to get ready, tell you how it went tomorrow. Exercise in the morning.

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