Welcome to Defeating MS – My Journey

After learning I had Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS), I was told by The MS Society and every doctor and health professional I have been in contact with in the United States and Canada, that the only treatment that “might” reduce the incidence of MS attacks are drugs. Diagnosed in 2004, I was given no other course or action that could guarantee a symptom-free future. All except one family doctor, Dr. Stephen Boyd in Brunswick, Maine who is a 7th Day Adventist, that experience is discussed on the research page under the section about Dr. Swank and in day three of my daily blog.

In 2015, I had been introduced to walking testimonies to the contrary. Doctors and Scientists afflicted with MS themselves or who had an affected loved one close to them. They are located throughout the world and have been doing their own independent research with dramatic results. It has been proven to me that not only will these holistic methods stop the progression of MS damage and attacks, but also, in most cases, even reverse the damage. I admit it took me two years to wrap my head around these ideas and accept that I must choose major lifestyle changes and commit.

After gathering information and books, seeing and meeting some of these people mentioned above and psychologically preparing myself to go to any length to follow these regimes, I am ready. This blog is to keep me motivated, targeted, to be informative about these solutions and to work to stay informed.

My physical commitment began March 27, 2017. I will keep a day-to-day blog detailing my successes, frustrations, physical gains and set backs, various moods and actions taken to attain these goals, which are:

  • To be symptom free and put this illness I have into remission
  • To share this information with you on a page of links to the people, websites and books worldwide so that you too can have a chance to at least consider the possibilities

I will also maintain on a monthly basis a page documenting my changing condition, moods, abilities, cognitive issues, mobility, etc.

“Bonne Sante!” means “Good Health!” in French.

The logo was created with a picture I took of an Amaryllis plant gifted to me by a friend for Christmas. It bloomed the most incredible flowers. The butterfly is from Corel Paint Shop Pro, a program I own.

One thought on “Welcome to Defeating MS – My Journey

  1. hello minoune ……keep it up …and good show next week …is derek going with you??? if not ,maybe a friend ?? be safe out there love you tons


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